Java Bob's Coffee is Available Direct to the Public!

​Our coffee is available direct to the public from our Roasterie on the Westside of Santa Cruz and from our Online Store.  We offer excellent prices for the freshest, highest quality coffee you may have ever had.  

The Roasterie
Located on the Westside of Santa Cruz, this is where all of Java Bob's coffee is roasted. Our regular hours are 10:30AM to 3PM weekdays, but if the door is open, so are we! 

All our coffee varieties are available, fresh from the roasters.  Buy any quantity and have it ground with our calibrated grinders, if you desire.  

Would you like a tour of the roasting facility?  Sure, we love giving tours. C'mon by.

You can also purchase a number of coffee related items at the Roasterie.  Torani syrups and sauces, Nub Chai, sweeteners and creamers of all types, Bigelow Teas, Melitta brewers and filters, Blended Ice Drink mixes, Geopak Insulated cups and many other items are available at wholesale prices at the Roasterie.  See the Supplies page for more details.

Online Store
Buying coffee online can be problematic since coffee is readily available at grocery stores and shipping charges burden the cost of online purchases, especially for small quantities.  Why deny this?  However, Java Bob's mitigates this issue by:
  • Low prices.  You are buying direct!
  • More savings available when purchasing 5lb bags
  • Lowest shipping rates possible, with no handling charges.
  • Free Shipping for 25lb or larger orders.
  • ​Regular Promotions and Specials.
  • Will Call option available for online purchases. Pick up your order at the Roasterie.
  • Free delivery to your place of work with our Employee Coffee Purchase Program. 

Let's not forget the advantages of online purchases direct from a roaster:
  • Freshness.  Coffee will arrive at your door roasted within the week, regardless of where you are in the USA.  You can taste the difference.  Grocery store coffee may be roasted many months ago and be completely stale.
  • Convenience.  What can be easier than making a few clicks and having your fresh coffee delivered to your door in a few days? 
  • Variety.  There are dozens of coffee varieties available from Java Bob's. Does your grocery store have a similar variety?

​We only sell 1lb and 5lb bags from the Online Store. Don't be fooled by the pricing of other's 10oz or 12oz bags of coffee. Figure out their real per lb price. We'll be less expensive.

The Online Store ships via USPS Priority Mail for quantities less than 7lbs and UPS for larger orders. There's never any handling mark-up and we ship within 1 business day of the order being placed.  Orders of 25lbs or more ship for free!

Employee Coffee Purchase Program Instructions

  • Get the Promotion Code from your employer.
  • Go to our Online Store and shop!
  • Specify "Will Call / Work Delivery" in the shipping options field.
  • ​Check the delivery schedule below to see when your coffee will arrive at your work.
Here's a flyer announcing the program to your employees: