An espresso machine is often the most significant piece of equipment you purchase.  Its reliability is key to your profitability and its proper operation key to developing a faithful clientle. And let's not forget styling.  An espresso machine is prominant on your counter and its look and brand says a lot to customers looking for a quality espresso beverage.

Thoughts and Advice

Regardless of where you purchase your new espresso machine, Java Bob's offers you the following advice:

  • These machines easily last 10+ years if maintained properly. Longevity of the manufacturer for parts and service is important. 
  • All machines will need maintenance and repair. Downtime can be costly. Avoid this by determining who will be servicing your machine BEFORE YOU BUY IT! Experienced espresso repair technicians are often not readily available. 
  • Regular preventive maintenance is the difference between having a reliable machine for 10+ years or an unreliable one ready for the scrap heap in 5 years or less. You know what proper preventative maintenance can do for your car. Think of your espresso machine the same way. 
  • Best to not buy at a show.  The "deals" can be tempting, but will still be available after you have gone home, regardless of what the salesman says.  Go home and do  more research, then buy.
  • Buying used machines is tempting, but buyer beware. Issues related to the lack of proper maintenance are often not readily apparent and costly repairs can result. If you must buy used, look for a machine from a reputable dealer willing to stand by the machine.

Espresso Machines from Java Bob's

Java Bob's is proud to sell, lease and service Rancilio espresso machine and grinders. We are an Authorized Rancilio Dealer, the only one based in Santa Cruz and Monterey County.

Why purchase your Rancilio espresso machine from Java Bob's?  Here's a few reasons.

  • Significant discounts with coffee purchase commitment. 
  • We will never sell you more of a machine than you need. If you outgrow a machine in the first two years of ownership, you can trade it in and receive your FULL PURCHASE PRICE as a credit towards the purchase of a new, larger machine.
  • Free installation and training.
  • We service what we sell.  Service is free during the manufacturers warranty period and discounted afterwards; even more so if you are a coffee customer!  
  • Even if you do not take our coffee, we'd be glad to sell or lease you a machine and we will always be there to service it for the life of the machine.
  • 2 year Lease-to-Own financing available direct from Java Bob's.
  • Regularly scheduled replacement of water softening filter for just the price of the filter.  This is the single most significant thing you can do to lower maintenance costs, increase reliability, and extend the life of your machine.
  • We also have refurbished machines available on occasion. Call for details.

​As of this date, we have chosen not to sell or service home espresso machines. We would be glad to refer you to local sources for such equipment.

What's New at Rancilio

​These are exciting times at Rancilio.  The addition of the fully automatic Egro line has the Rancilio sales people very busy.  In addition, Rancilio has recently announced the new Class 7 series.  Here's a peak at this latest beauty.

Black metal portions in the photo, front plate and drip tray ends are power coated hardened aluminum. The side panels are a contoured stainless. There is a white LED set illuminating the work surface and the accent lighting on the side panels is a relaxing cool blue. The lights above the new large buttons are using a coloring scheme like the new Egro ONE. It changes between red, blue, green based upon the status of the machine. There are two hot water buttons, an adaptation of the 4 Tea program, where you can set for two different temperatures. In the barista menu you can “blowdown” the boiler. That is, after activating the program, it turns off the heating element, pulls hot water out of the tank lowering the level to minimum, refilling then reheating. This process rinses out the scale left behind from even the best water treatment. It also improves the flavor of the water.  It will be available in a TALL or REGULAR cup height configuration.

More information on the new Class 7 machines, contact us at Java Bob's.  Additional information is available here.
Class 6
MD50 Grinder
Class 8
Egro One Touch